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Patrizia Coronati Model

Personal Data and Curriculum Vitae

 About me


Hello my friends  I'm Patrizia Coronati in art "sweetangel"..as Dott.Jeckil and Mr. Hyde ?? ..

Noo .. much more simple as you will see. I was born on February 10th 1969 in Florence,

 I’m 1,68 mt tall and I wear a size 42.

When I was a girl I practiced athletics and I’m still doing sport even if at the present I’m a mum who works

 as employee.I love animals so much and I have two beautiful pitbull.

I’m also a wild biker and sometimes you can see me race out on my Honda,

 but certainly with the helmet you can’t recognize me ...


Since a few years I discovered photography and the pleasure to pose in front of the camera.

This activity allowed me to meet wonderful people both photographers

and colleagues models. On this website I present some photos I have collected in recent years,

hoping that someone of you, seeing them, appreciates my work and maybe feel the desire to work with me.

Instructions for use: look at my curves, and you will falling in love with the model;

look at my eyes, and you will falling in love with the Mum and quiet housewife ...

The section called "sweetangel " include some of the most Imtimate Photos,

and I will be happy to give to my closest friends the password to log on. 


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